TM-Vector. A Multi-Function ECG Device


The Telemed Solutions TM-Vector digital multi-function Holter recorder. It provides true 12-lead or 3-ch, high-resolution, clinical/research-grade recordings. The device records at a resolution of 12 bits, and up to 2048 SPS. Data is stored uncompressed on a removable SD/SDHC storage card. Data integrity is provided through a unique patent-pending technique that includes date, time, and patient ID stamps along with a CRC-16 check on the recording every 2 minutes, ensuring usable recordings while preventing patient data mix-ups. The LCD provides real-time patient ECG signals, confirming lead placement during patient hook-up.

Recorder works with multiple lead cables and hookup scenarios including:
  • 10-Wire (12-Ch)
  • 5-wire (12-Ch)
  • 7-wire (3-Ch)
  • 5-wire (3-Ch)
Holter Mode

In Holter mode, the unit provides 24, 48, 72, 96, and 120 hours of continuous operation, and requires only one “AA” battery. The recorder works with any off-the shelf SD card. The recorder also performs data integrity checks to ensure the flash card is properly formatted, erased, and ready to use for the next patient recording.

12-Lead Mode

In 12-Lead mode, the unit provides up to 24 hours of continuous operation and requires only one “AA” battery. 12-lead mode allows physicians and researches more viewable channels for better data collection and diagnosis.

Research (Brief) Mode

Research (Brief) Mode allows research facilities to perform short recordings (6 min, 12 min, 18 min, etc…up to 60 mins) for the purposes of a clinical study. Up to 50 short records can be stored at time. This mode is especially useful when recorders are paired with our custom ECG2MATsoftware that can convert high resolution lossless ECG data (12 bit, 2048 SPS) into MATLAB files.

Additional Features
  • Pacemaker pulse detection in all modes
  • Rapid download via USB 2.0 or removable media
Functional Specifications
Acquisition module type: Digital
Channels: User-selectable 1, 2, 3-channel or 12 Lead recordings
Patient cable: 10-wire (12-Ch) Banana
Optional: 5-wire (3-Ch), or 7-wire (3-Ch) available
Resolution: 12 bit resolution with 6000 Hz over-sampling per channel
Power source: One “AA” alkaline or Lithium battery with reverse polarity protection
Battery life: 24 to 120 Hours – Holter Mode;
24 Hours – 12-Lead Mode;
300 minutes – Research (Brief) Mode;
Common mode rejection: 60 db minimum, 1 volt peak-to-peak, 60 Hz common mode signal
Frequency response: .05 to 1024 Hz (-3 db)
Data integrity: Unique device signature and CRC-16 on every frame sent
Signal verification: Provides lead placement and signal quality verification during patient hook-up
Display: Monochrome 2.4” LCD
Pacemaker detection: Concurrent pacemaker detection on all channels
Defibrillator protection: All channels protected to 360 Joules
Environmental Specifications
Temperature range: +15°C to +35°C
Humidity: Operating: 30% to 70% non-condensing
Physical Specifications
Dimensions: 3.35" L × 2.4" W × 0.71" D
Weight: 3.2 oz. with battery
Case: Molded, high-impact, textured plastic enclosure