TM-12 Premium. For Cardiologists and Electrophysiologists

Designed to Meet the Specific Needs of the Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist

The TM-12 Premium is a wireless 12-Lead PC based EKG machine and consists of Windows based software and a "Holter-size" ECG acquisition device. The TM-12 device wirelessly streams ECG data from the patient to a remote computer such as a desk top, PC, laptop or tablet. The process is simple:

  • Perform the electrode placement and lead hookup on the patient in an exam room
  • Visualize and verify ECG lead quality via the LCD of the TM-12 at the bedside
  • Input patient demographic data into the TM-12 Ultimate software
  • Generate the study
  • ECG data is wirelessly streamed to the computer for analysis, interpretation and automatic storage into the database

The entire test can be performed in minutes!

World Renowned Glasgow 12-Lead ECG Algorithm

Telemed Solutions uses the University of Glasgow 12-Lead ECG Analysis Program as the main engine in the TM-12 to output fully Interpretive ECG statements. Reports include Global Measurements, Individual Lead Measurements and Diagnostic Interpretation. Designed with an emphasis toward high specificity and high sensitivity of ECG abnormalities for report interpretations you can trust.

Among the Glasgow 12-Lead ECG Analysis Program’s many features are: (1) its unique approach to using age, race, and gender, as analysis criteria; (2) its use of neural networks in the diagnosis of myocardial infarction; (3) and a thirteen year development process that improved the pediatric aspect of the program.

It is estimated that over 20 million ECG tests per year are reported worldwide using the University of Glasgow ECG Analysis Program which has been in development over thirty years and continues to be enhanced. The Glasgow algorithm provides automatic centralized Minnesota coding (the internationally agreed standard for epidemiological studies and clinical trials). The Algorithm has been involved in numerous clinical studies, and is generally regarded as one of the premiere ECG interpretation algorithms within the cardiology community worldwide.

PC-Based Instead of dedicated EKG Cart

Most 12-Lead EKG systems are big, bulky carts that contain an ECG screen, keypad, and thermal printer embedded into one dedicated EKG machine. Quality interpretive EKG systems typically come at a higher purchase price and increased operating costs with use of special EKG paper.

Telemed Solutions has developed a way to save physicians money by incorporating computers they already own as part of the TM-12 system. The TM-12 software can be installed on any Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer. The TM-12 device can be attached to a remote patient up to 100 feet away and streams the ECG via Bluetooth® to the computer with installed TM-12 software. Any Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer in your office can be instantly transformed into a 12-Lead EKG system with a cost that’s about half the price of a traditional interpretive 12-Lead EKG machine.

Light and Compact

The TM-12 ECG acquisition device is the size of a small Holter recorder and weighs less than 4 ounces yet outperforms full-size EKG machines. Its compact design saves space which is a precious commodity in most physician offices and its light weight provides for greater patient comfort and ease of application.

Wireless and Battery Powered

The battery operated TM-12 ECG device is hooked up to a patient and ECG data is wirelessly streamed from the patient to the computer running the interpretation software. The TM-12 is truly portable and designed to use battery power for use in any location, or any room. Two AA batteries will last about one month.

  • Sample 12-lead strips are included to aid technicians in ECG recognition
  • Oversamples each channel at 5000 sps for better Pacer detection (12-lead or any reduced lead hookup)
  • Glasgow 12-lead Analysis at 500 SPS
  • 3 channel mode supports XYZ VCG or reduced lead hookup (Lead I, II, V1)
  • 3-channel mode (I, II, V1) transforms to 7 leads in real-time (I, II, III, aVL, aVR, aVF, V1)
  • 3-channel XYZ mode performs real-time transform to 12-lead (using Dower transform)
  • Pacer spikes are visible on PC screen during streaming
  • No Bluetooth drivers required. Only Telemed Solutions devices show up in the device list to avoid confusion
  • One-click connection process – to connect ECG acquisition device to PC for streaming.
  • Easy to see which device is connected to which PC.
  • Optional 128-bit encryption so the data is secure on any BT channel with CRC data verification
  • Email pdf reports to physician’s phones, tablets, and PC’s.
  • Runs on Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Device works up to 100ft. away from receiving PC
  • Up to nine TM-12 devices are supported (one at a time to each PC) – multiple devices will not interfere with one another
  • Device can be streamed up to 40 hours continuously on 2 alkaline AA batteries
  • Low-battery icon shows up on the PC screen to warn user
  • Supports all popular screen resolutions for tablets, laptops, and PCs
  • Includes Patient Management System based on the powerful Microsoft SQL 2012 database
  • Supports all standard office printers including Laserjet (supports black/white and color)
  • Device goes into sleep mode after idle for three minutes to save battery life – single key press to wake up
  • Meets all the IEC 60601-2-51 requirements
  • Sure-Lock Electrode Clips. Fits safety DIN connectors. Works with both snap and tab electrodes


  • Power cord or outlet needed.
  • Awkward tethering to ECG cart with a messy data cable.
  • Need for the technician to roll the machine over to the exam table to make the data cable reach.


Telemed Solutions uses Bluetooth® technology to stream high volumes of ECG data to and from TM-12 devices. This technology can be used to communicate with the QualcommLife 2net™ Hub in order to store data in the Cloud.

University of Glasgow

The world renowned University of Glasgow Interpretation program provides amazing interpretation on 12 lead which takes into consideration age, race, sex, medications, and considtions.

Functional Specifications
Acquisition module type: Digital
Channels: User-selectable 3-channel VCG or 12 Lead ECG recordings
Patient cable: 10-wire (12-Ch) Banana
Optional: 7-wire available (3-Ch XYZ Vector ECG hookup required)
Resolution: 12 bit resolution with 5000 Hz over-sampling per channel
Power source: Two “AA” alkaline or Lithium battery with reverse polarity protection
Common mode rejection: 60 db minimum, 1 volt peak-to-peak, 60 Hz common mode signal
Frequency response: .05 to 125 Hz (-3 db)
Data integrity: Unique device signature and CRC-16 on every frame sent
Signal verification: Provides lead placement and signal quality verification during patient hook-up
Display: Monochrome 2.4” LCD
Pacemaker detection: Concurrent pacemaker detection on all channels
Defibrillator protection: All channels protected to 360 Joules
Environmental Specifications
Temperature range: +15°C to +35°C
Humidity: Operating: 30% to 70% non-condensing
Physical Specifications
Dimensions: 4" L   ×   2.4" W   ×   0.71" D
Weight: 4.2 oz. with battery
Case: Molded, high-impact, textured plastic enclosure